Price from: $ 780,- p.p., based on a double room in a middle class hotel.


Discover Stone Town, incl 2 nights in the center of this city

Relax on Pemba island, incl 3 nights

Wonderful snorkeling and diving opportunities

Return flight to and from Pemba

Day 1

Airport Zanzibar - Stone Town

Today you fly to Zanzibar on your own. Upon arrival you will immediately notice why this is called a tropical island. You are surrounded by heat .... and palm trees. You will be picked up by a taxi driver and taken to your hotel in Stone Town.


Stone Town is on the World Heritage List. The houses are built of coral stone. In the 19th century, the Sultan of Oman decided to make Zanzibar the capital of his empire so that he could control the trade route. As a result, you will see many influences of Oman in the city and many old palaces from this period are on the coastline. But the large trade in herbs and ivory, among other things, also caused people from all over the world to settle on this island. You will experience the influences of many parts of the world through the small streets of Stone Town, including the Arab, Indian, European and of course African. This mix of cultures makes Stone Town so fascinating. Unfortunately Zanzibar was also an important place for the slavery trade that was in Africa. On the island and also in Stone Town there are a number of cellars to visit from this period. The doors in Stone Town are also famous. There are more than 500 wooden doors with the most beautiful decorations.


Depending on your arrival time, you can walk around the small streets or relax on a terrace at the beach, with your feet in the sand, enjoying a beautiful sunset.


You will be welcomed by us and the program will be discussed with you. We are also glad to help you with good tips for good restaurants. After this meet-and-greet you can walk around by yourself in the evening because everything is within walking distance.

Day 2


After your breakfast you will be picked up and taken to the airport (depending on the flight times). You fly directly to Pemba, a beautiful small island 50 km north of Zanzibar. When you arrive you will see that Pemba is much more hilly than Zanzibar and has many forests. In addition, this island is also called 'the herbal island', eg 90% of all cloves are coming of this island. Pemba does not have many beaches, but there are many mangrove forests on the coast. Wonderful to visit. You will be brought to your eco-lodge which has only 5 small bungalows. A rustic place to completely unwind. The lodge itself does have a beautiful beach. In this lodge you have breakfast and dinner every day. What is nicer than to dine under the beautiful starry sky with the sound of the sea in the background.

Day 3


Today you can relax and walk around. In the morning you can have breakfast at your leisure and in the meantime watching all the sea birds at the shore. Kichanga kasa is a beautiful beach that is within walking distance. This is a special beach because every year sea turtles come here to lay eggs. You can also rent a kayak at the lodge so you can visit the mangrove forests from the water. A nice experience. But Pemba is also famous for its beautiful coral reefs that surround the island. There is no better diving and snorkeling opportunity. The water is very clear and life under water is beautiful. Because Pemba is not very touristy, you probably have the best spots for yourself.

Day 4 


If you wish, you can take a number of excursions today. But you can also relax at your lodge. For those who find fishing a hobby, there is a deep-sea-fishing excursion. Maybe you can put your own caught fish on the barbecue in the evening.


You can also go to Misali, an island 10 km off the coast of Pemba, in the channel between Zanzibar and the mainland of Tanzania. It is a small island of 1 km². Although uninhabited due to lack of fresh water, it has historically served as an important fishing and spiritual place for villagers in Pemba who set up temporary camps on the island while fishing in the waters. More recently, Misali's abundant reef life and pristine beaches has made the island an attractive destination for divers, snorkelers and beach lovers.


The Ngezi forest is a protected area in the northwest corner of the island. It is home to endemic flora and fauna species such as the Pemba flying fox; a large bat and the Pemba palm, which can only be found in the Ngezi Forest region and locally known as 'Mapapindi palm'. A nice ride brings you here with green valleys with rice fields with palm trees and clove plantations that shadow the roads.

Day 5 

Pemba - Stone Town

Today you fly back to Zanzibar where you will your taxi driver and brought back to your hotel in Stone Town. Depending on your flight, you can make a number of excursions in the city this afternoon. You will learn a lot about the history and customs of the local population during the cultural walk. He also takes you to places that are difficult to find by yourself and visit the local market, the Slave trade place and one of the museums.

Day 6

Stone Town - Airport Zanzibar

Your trip has unfortunately come to an end. Depending on your flight, you might be able to walk around in Stonetown yourself. You will then be taken to the airport and hopefully you will look back on an unforgettable journey.


Kwaheri and Safari Njema.

Goodbye and wish you a good trip.


2 nights bed/breakfast in Stone Town

3 nights HB at Pemba

Return flight from and to Pemba

All transfers as mentioned in the program


(Inter) national flights


All drinks

Meals that are not mentioned in the program

Optional excursions


Additional costs that are not mentioned in the program

Travel insurance

Tip money for hotel staff and driver

Prices are based on a double room in a middle class hotel, in low season.

6-day hotel trip to the beautiful and authentic island of Pemba