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Elephants in Samburu NR,

Chimpanzee orhpanage Ol Pejeta

Rhinos in Nakuru NP

Bird paradise Lake Naivasha

Big five Masai Mara

Day 1

Airport - Nairobi

You fly to Nairobi where a driver will take you to your hotel and on the way you will sense that you have landed in another world; despite the fact that Nairobi is a big modern metropolis, you immediately feel the unique African atmosphere. 

Day 2

Nairobi - Samburu NR

After your breakfast you meet your driver/guide and leave for the north of the country. You drive along the new highway out of Nairobi, through fields of pineapple which is an export product for Del Monte. On the way you will pass the equator and you can stretch your legs. After the town of Isiolo, which is mainly Islamic, you drive into Samburu - a dry and warm area, marked by your first sighting of acacia trees, an now you will know you are on an African safari.


The Samburu tribe is family of the famous Maasai people but looks more colorful. With brightly colored cloths and wearing beaded jewelry, people are one by one beautiful to look at. Optionally you can visit a Samburu village.


At the end of the afternoon you drive into the Samburu National Reserve and will make a small game drive on your way to your lodge.


The Samburu National Reserve is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. The river Ewaso Ngiro is the lifeline of this park that is normally very dry. Animals go to this river to drink water and the vegetation here is also greener. Often you see a group of elephants crossing the river where these impressive animals start to wash and drink.


In addition, the park is famous for a number of animals that you can only see in the northern part of Kenya and on your trip only in this park. We call it the 'Samburu five', namely: the Grevy's zebra that can be recognized by its neat stripes, big ears and white belly. The Beisa oryx has long straight horns. The Reticulated giraffe has a neat stain pattern and the Somali ostrich is easy to recognize by its blue-purple colored neck. Finally there is the gerenuk which is also called giraffe antelope because it has a very long neck. It is also the only gazelle that stands on its hind legs to reach the bush at the higher leaves. Be gentle when you see this particular phenomenon because the gerenuk is very timid.


But of course there is much more to see in this beautiful park, which is only about 360 km². Like the hundreds of bird species, the different gazelles and buffaloes. You also have the opportunity to see a lion, leopard or cheetah.

Day 3

Samburu NR

Today you make your first real game drive. You leave early in the morning to be on the road with the beautiful light. A game drive is always unpredictable because you never know what wild animals will do or go. You need a bit of luck but it also helps to spot by yourself.


At the end of the morning you return to the lodge to have lunch and relax. For example, you can take a refreshing dip in the pool or walk around.


In the afternoon you will leave for a second game drive. Depending on where the animals are, you are now going to a completely different area. Just before dark you will back to the lodge and to have a nice sundowner.


Day 4

Samburu NR - Ol Pejeta CA

After breakfast you leave, via a small gamedrive, the park. You drive the first part back the same way but after Nanyuki you drive towards Ol Pejeta which is a very private park. This park has a shelter for chimpanzees. In 1993 this project started when the war started in Burundi and these animals needed a good shelter. Ol Pejeta started this project at that time. And not only can you see chimpanzees here, also white rhinoceroses, lions, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs, hartebeest, leopards and elephants. You also have a chance to see a pack of wild dogs here. These animals are unfortunately threatened with extinction and are rarely seen in parks. You can make a game drive in this park but also you can do some  optional excursions. Such as an evening game drive, a bird or bushwalk and horseback riding to see the rhinos.

Day 5

Ol Pejeta CA - Nakuru

In the early morning you can do an other excursion and after breakfast you drive to Nakuru. A special ride because you are now driving through the famous Rift Valley in which Nakuru is situated. This Valley is about 6700 km long and runs from Jordan to Mozambique. This is a fertile area and therefore agricultural area of Kenya. You sleep just outside the city in a lodge located at Lake Elementaita where regularly large groups of flamingos gather.


Day 6

Nakuru NP

After an early breakfast you drive to Nakuru NP and you will be overwhelmed with all the wildlife you will see here. The park is famous for its rhinos, both the "white" and the "black" are living here and the chance that you see a rhino is big. Which is very special because unfortunately the rhinos are on the list of endangered species and they are only found in few parks. The park is also known for its large number of species of birds.


During a game drive you never know what you are going to see and therefore we can not promise you will see lions or a leopard, but they live in this park. Which animals you will see anyway are zebras, grand gazelles, thomsons gazelles, the Rothschild's giraffe, buffaloes, waterbucks, baboons and vervet monkeys.


At the end of the afternoon you will return to your lodge with a satisfied feeling.


Day 7

Nakuru - Lake Naivasha

In about 3 hours you drive to Naivasha where your lodge is located on Lake Naivasha. Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake so you are probably welcomed by the sound of hippos that sleep in the water during the day. You will also hear the cries of the African Fish Eagle that is very common here.


In the afternoon you can relax in your lodge or do an excursion such as a boat trip where you will see lots of birds. And hopefully the hippos.


Day 8 and 9

Lake Naivasha

There is a lot to do in Naivasha. You can therefore choose to relax here or do one or more excursions.

Hell's Gate National Park is a park that you can visit by bike. What could be more special than to watch gazelles and giraffes on the bike and maybe have to hide for a buffalo? Nature is beautiful too. You can visit the famous Hell's Gate by foot, for which you need good walking shoes.


If you do not feel like cycling, this park can also be visited with your 4x4 car.


Another excursion is a walk through the area near the lake where you also look for antelopes and giraffes. It is always special to see these animals without being in a car. The guide tells you also about the environment of course.


At Elsamere you can enjoy a high tea in the afternoon while enjoying the sound of the birds that are here in large groups. You also have a chance to see the black-and-white colobus monkeys here.

Day 10

Lake Naivasha - Masai Mara NR

Through the Rift Valley you enter the land of the Maasai. Narok is the capital of this region and you will stop here to stretch your legs. Then the road continues to the Masai Mara, the most famous park in Kenya. Here the rule seems 'the more famous the park, the worse the road'. Along the way you will see many Maasai villages and see how the most famous people in Africa live. Small boys walk around with large herds of goats and cows and the beautiful cloths and jewelery are worn with pride.


Day 11

Masai Mara NR

One of the highlights of the trip is a visit to the Masai Mara. During a full day game drives (you bring a lunch box) you will undoubtedly see many animals that you have not yet seen in Nakuru NP.

You can spot the famous Big Five on one day, with a lot of luck. These are the buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros, lion and leopard. In addition, the cheetah is a frequently spotted cat here. Again you see giraffes, this time the Masai species. In addition to all these large animals you can of course see many types of gazelles. And along the famous Mara river you can spot one of the larger crocodiles.


The migration is here during June to September, normally. But we can’t guarantee anything in terms of wildlife however if you witness this migration you will never forget this spectacle. More than 2 million zebras and wildebeests move across the savannas in search of food. And with great luck you will see them crossing the river!


You can optionally make a hot air balloon ride in this park.

Day 12

Masai Mara NR - airport Nairobi

Unfortunately this is the last day of your wonderful trip and you drive out of the park during a small gamedrive. Today it will be a long drive back to Nairobi but with a satisfied feeling you can look back on a beautiful journey.


In Nairobi you will either be dropped off at the airport (depending on your plans) or dropped off at a hotel of your choice. We can optionally book a hotel for you if you wish.


Of course you can always extend your trip with eg a visit to Tanzania to see a number of parks there. Or you can choose to relax for a few days on the tropical island of Zanzibar. See our other trips for this.


Kwaheri and Asante sana

Goodbye and have a good trip.


11 nights in selected hotel and / or tented camps in a dbl room

11 breakfasts, 11 lunches and 10 dinners

Private safari 4x4 car where the roof can go up

Airport transfers

All entrance fees for the parks as mentioned in the description

All game drives as mentioned in the description

English-speaking driver / guide

Drinking water in the car for the daytime


International flights


All other drinks

Meals that are not mentioned in the program

Optional excursions


Additional costs that are not mentioned in the program

Travel insurance

Tip money for hotel staff and driver


Prices are based on a double room in a middle class hotel, in low season.

12-day safari through the best parks in Kenya