Samburu NR

Samburu NR

The Samburu National Reserve is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. The river Ewaso Ngiro is the lifeline of this park that is normally very dry. Animals go to this river to drink water and the vegetation here is also greener. Often you see a group of elephants crossing the river where these impressive animals drink and wash themselves.


In addition, the park is famous for a number of animals that you can only see in the northern part of Kenya and on your trip only in this park. We call them the 'Samburu five', namely: the Grevy's zebra that can be recognized by its neat stripes, big ears and white belly. The Beisa oryx with it’s long straight horns. The Reticulated giraffe that has a neat stain pattern and the Somali ostrich that is easy to recognize by its blue-purple colored neck. Finally there is the gerenuk which is also called giraffe antelope because it has a very long neck. It is also the only gazelle that stands on its hind legs to reach the bush at the higher leaves.


But of course there is much more to see in this beautiful park, which is only about 360 km². Like the hundreds of bird species, the different gazelles and buffaloes. You also have the opportunity to see lions, leopards or cheetahs.

Ol Pejeta

Ol Pejeta is a private conservation park whose main goal is to protect and preserve many almost extinct animal species.


You will find here the only 2 still living Northern white rhinoceros, which are guarded day and night. In 1993 a chimpanzee shelter started here when the civil war broke out in Burundi and these animals needed protection. In addition, you will find wild dogs, elephants, the Grevy's zebras and the Jackson's hartebeest that are all threatened with extinction.


During your game drive you also have the chance to see other animals, think of lions, hyenas, giraffes, leopards and cheetahs, olive baboons, caracals and jackals. The park is beautifully situated and you can see Mt Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya, in the background. There are different ecosystems but the largest part is savannah where you can see many acacia trees. The river and streams are important places to spot animals. In this park you can do many optional excursions, like a night game drive, horse riding to see the rhinoceros, a bushwalk, lion tracking and a conservation project visit.

Nakuru NP

Nakuru NP is located in the Rift Valley and has a large lake. This lake is a paradise for many species of birds and birdwatchers will love this place. Many pelicans swim in the lake and you can also see flamingos sometimes. In addition, there are many birds of prey and you see the crowned eagle here often. But the park is famous for its rhinos. Both "white" and "black" can be spotted here. Unfortunately, rhinos are threatened in their existence, so it is very special that you can see both species in one park.


On the savanna plains you can see the Rothschild's giraffe walking around, just like large groups of buffalos, zebras, impalas and grand gazelles. The jackals and hyenas walk through the grass in search for their prey. In the forest area, which mainly consists of acacias, you have a good chance to spot a leopard resting on a branch of a tree. You can also see lions sometimes in this part of the park or sometimes on the large grass plains. In this part of the park there are also many baboons and vervet monkeys. You can not miss these ones. From the baboon viewpoint you have a beautiful view over the large lake and the surroundings. Here you can also see the rock hyrax and the agama lizard.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake in the Rift Valley and lies at an altitude of 1,884 meters. It is approximately 140 km² big of which 65 km² is marsh. In the swamp, hippos are often hidden during the day to sleep there. You do not see them, but you can hear them.


In this area more than 400 different bird species are really a paradise for bird lovers. Of course you will see many species of herons that are looking for fish in the water. Weavers make their nests in the high reeds. Here too the African fish eagle is easily spotted by their striking call.


Besides a boat trip on this lake there are also many activities to do in the area. You can visit the Hell's Gate NP which is just south of the lake. This park is special because you can visit it on foot or by bike. In this park you will see many animals and what is more fun to spot them from the bike?


The environment is also beautiful. You can cycle to a gorge where the park has taken its name. Hell's Gate is wonderful to walk through. The Fisher's and Cental Tower are also beautiful rocks. In addition to many birds of prey, such as the Lammergeier vulture and the Verreaux's eagle, you can see buffaloes, zebras, hartebeest, hyenas and hyraxes in this park.


You can also take a walk at Crescent Island where you can see buffaloes, zebras, giraffes and antelopes. The local guide tells you a lot about the area. At the end of the afternoon you can enjoy a high tea at Elsamere where the famous Kenyan Family Adamson lived. While you drink a cup of tea you will see the birds lurking at your pastry and the black-and-white colobus monkeys playing in the trees. You can also visit an organization where women make the most beautiful jewelry from beads. If you buy something here you support this project.

Masai Mara NR

The Masai Mara is the most famous park in Kenya. It is connected to the Serengeti NP in Tanzania and is part of the Serengeti Eco system. The park is named after the Maasai people who live in this area and the spots ('Mara' means 'spotted' in the language of the Maasai) formed by the trees when you look at the park from above.


The park has become so famous because of the Great Migration which is here a few months a year. From about July to October-November, millions of zebras, wildebeest and antelopes travel here on the grassland in search of food. A phenomenon that you will never forget. It is especially special when you witness the crossing of the famous Mara river. Images that you have probably seen in a documentary. The migration is a unique phenomenon to behold but unfortunately no one can say with 100% certainty where and when the migration is.


The large numbers of animals that enter this park also make the park unique. You have a great chance of spotting lions and cheetahs. There are also leopards, elephants and even the black rhinos. Along the Mara and Talek river you will see hippos and large crocodiles. Accompanied with lots of water birds of course. There are about 470 species of birds in this park


Other animals that you can see here are elands, warthog, hyenas, duikers, hartebeest and of course giraffes. The bat-eared fox also occurs here.