Exclusive Heritage Tours in Stone Town


Stone Town is a heritage UNESCO site and the town has so many interested facts to show. There are many different subjects which deserve special attention. 

We created 6 unique Heritage Tours with all unique themes.

Click on the link and you will read more information about the tours:


Are you interested in architecture? We have two tours which show you the most important architectural buildings with their interesting facts.

The oldest buildings will be showed during the

Heritage Tour: Cosmopolitan Architecture


If you like to learn more about the buildings build in the 20th century:

Heritage Tour: Modern Architecture

If you like all the smell, sounds and beautiful signs? A special tour is created for the senses of the town.

Heritage Tour: Senses


The dhow sailing boats have a long history in Stone Town. They brought people from all over the world and with them different cultures.

Heritage Tour: Dhows


Stone Town is famous for her tolerance between different religions. During this tour you learn a lot about the three main religions we have here.

Heritage Tour: Religion


If you walk through town you can’t miss the amazing wood-carved doors. And many doors tell you a story. After this tour you know the difference between them and also you learn about some local art craft.

Heritage Tour: Doors and Art



In cooperation with ACRA and KAWA Training Centre 6 tours have been created and special guides are trained to tell you these stories.

In town you will see also sign boards on many special buildings. These are the signboards belonging to these tours.

If you like to get any information, or book one of these excursion, pls contact us.