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4 nights on a paradise island

snorkeling opportunities from the beach

pristine beach and nature

many excursion possibilities

Day 1

Airport Zanzibar - Fanjove Island

Today you fly from Zanzibar or Dar es Salam to Songo Songo, a small island. From here you take a boat that takes you to the paradise-like Fanjove. A unique island that has not yet been discovered by major tourism, with beautiful white beaches. And not only the beaches are photogenic, also the old lighthouse that stands here, the forest, the birds and of course the life under water.


The rooms that are made of cane and are very spacious gives you really the Robinso Crusoe feeling. Here time stands still and you will enjoy the pure nature.


All meals are included.

Day 2

Fanjove Island

When you reach the sun, it is time to enjoy the unique nature. Birds walk along the coastline looking for small crabs. Certainly from November - March there are many birds that overwinter here. An unbeatable spectacle is the large groups of tuna that swim along the coast.

You can walk on the island yourself, enjoy the bushes, grasses and trees that are here. And of course you can enjoy the turquoise water that can be seen everywhere.

Day 3 and 4

Fanjove Island

A new day in paradise. Of course you can discover life under water here. You can snorkel from the island. You will see the most impressive fish, such as large bat fish, lion fish, stone fish, actually too many to mention. The coral is also beautiful here. In addition, there are sea turtles that even lay their eggs on the island.


While scuba diving from a boat, you are even likely to see sharks.


You can also do a number of other excursions. This way it is possible to make a dolphin trip. It is of course not guaranteed to see these fascinating animals but the chances are great because they are the neighbors of the island.

You can also go fishing from a motorboat or take a boat trip on an original dhow boat.

If you want to discover the island yourself from the water, you can do so with one of the kayaks here.

Day 5 

Fanjove Island- Stone Town

Unfortunately, your last day has arrived on this unforgettable island. You will return by boat to SongoSongo island where your plane is waiting for you. This will bring you back to Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar.


You can of course extend your trip with a stay on Zanzibar. We will be happy to arrange this for you.

Kwaheri and Safari Njema.

Goodbye and wish you a good trip.


4 nights stay in a beautiful double room

All meals included

Many snorkel trips and nature walks on Fanjove island

Plane tickets and transfers to Fanjove island


(Inter) national flights


All drinks

Meals that are not mentioned in the program

Optional excursions


Additional costs that are not mentioned in the program

Travel insurance

Tip money for hotel staff and guides

5-day luxury hotel trip to the unique island of Fanjove