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The trip is only possible when this guide is available on the island.


If you are interested in birds, you can't miss this trip. Our professional guide can tell you everything you like to know of birds in East Africa.


Zanzibar, as an island, has many beaches where you can spot different species of birds. But there is also much to see in the woods, marshes and meadows. The archipelago even has 4 endemic species.

The professional guide not only shows you many birds, but also tells about different nests, which birds migrate, food and other interesting facts.

Some nice and special birds to spot here are:

Little Bittern, Terek Sandpiper, Mouse coloured Sunbird, African Goshawk, Pemba white-eye, Pemba Sunbird and Pemba Scops Owl.

If you are interested in birds, just book....

Spot the beautiful birds of Zanzibar during a bird walk