Unguja, always called Zanzibar, is the best known island, located 30 km from the coast in the Indian Ocean, of the Zanzibar archipelago. The most famous neighborhood is Stone Town (part of the capital Zanzibar city) where you can easily stay at least 2 days because there are many interesting excursions here. Zanzibar was the capital of Oman and that is why many beautiful palaces of the former Sultans are here located and it has a unique atmosphere.

Mrembo Spa is a traditional spa where you can get acquainted with the original beauty treatments.

The island has also become rich and famous for the local spices that grew here, such as cloves. During a visit at the spice farm you learn a lot about the spices, herbs and fruits here and the way people use them.


Busara Tours is proud her tailer-made excursions. We have a unique excursion that gives a lot of explanation about the daily life of the local woman.

There is also a cooking course to get to know the authentic Swahili cuisine, where you first go to the local market to shop and then you go to a spicefarm to get an explanation of the herbs that you will use. Of course after cooking you taste the delicious food.


Below is a small selection of the many excursions that are possible on Zanzibar. If you want more information about one of these or other excursions, please let us know.

All prices are per person (except if mentioned different),

excl. transport and without prejudice.


Cultural citywalk in Stone Town – $ 40 (for 2 people $ 50)

Spice Tour with lunch – $ 60 (for 2 people $ 70)

Spice Tour without lunch – $ 50 (for 2 people $ 60)

Jozani Forest – $ 60 (for 2 people $ 70)

Safari Blue* – $ 60 

Dhow Cruise, private – $ 70 (for 2 people $ 80)

Dhow Cruise, sharing – $ 35    

Scuba diving, 2 dives – $ 120    

Mrembo Spa - treatment from $ 40

Local tea-ceremonie - $ 15 

Day visit at Chumbe eiland, departure from Mbweni - $ 90 

* transport not included


Very special and tailor-made excursions (some prices are on request):


Walk through Stonetown to get to know the local woman's life better - $ 30 (for 2 $50)

Traditional cooking class incl visiting spice farm and local market - $ 50 (for 2 $ 70)

Very luxurious 2 hr boat trip on a private dhow, incl a 3-course menu - price on request

Bird walk with very experienced bird guide (subject to availability guide) - price on request



Airport - Stone Town – $ 20

Stone Town - North Coast or East Coast – $ 50

Other transfers are on request.

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