Mrembo Spa


Price per treatment: from $ 45 


Mrembo Spa is a traditional Spa situated in the heart of Stone Town. If you like to pamper yourself in a traditional way then this is the place to go. 

You can choose out of different treatments like different kind of massages, facials, scrubs, mani/pedicures and henna adornments. It is good to know that all the products used are selfmade, locally sourced and 100% natural.

A special treatment is the Singo treatment which you can't have in most of  the other spa's on the island. This Singo is normally taken bij local women on their wedding day to clean the skin completely and to be very soft after it. Of course you will hear the whole cultural description of this during your treatment.

Also this spa has a beautiful shop where you can buy these beauty products and so many more items like handicrafts, fashion items, local music from Zanzibar.

If you like to go deeper into the local products and culture you can follow one of the interesting workshops where you can learn about the use of flowers, herbs and spices.

So if you are interested to pamper yourself, this is the place to go.

The Spa is situated in a typical street of Stone Town, close to Jaws corner at one site, and the St. Joseph Cathedral at the other. The building self is beautiful decorated in the typical Swahili style with lots of kangas and old furniture. 

You are welcomed with a tasteful spice tea, of course prepared with local spices of the island.

The Spa is not only popular for tourists, also many expats and local people like to walk inside and take a treatment here.

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