Visit Prison and Bawe Island for snorkelling

Price per person $ 65, for 2 people $70 (snorkelling equipment incl)

You leave in the morning or in the afternoon from Stone Town by a small motorboat to Bawe Island which is a beautiful snorkelling spot. The coral is beautiful and you will see lots of fish. Lion fish, stone fish, but also bat-fish, trompet fish. Even the green turtles are sometimes spotted here. 

After that you drive to Prison Island. In early days the building was a prison for violent people from mainland but now it is a hotel. You still can visit it. On the island is a tortoise sanctuary with giant tortoise imported from the Seychelles.

Of course also here you can go for snorkelling again. Different spot, different fish. And you can relax at the white sand beach.

A nice 4 hour trip in beautiful nature.

If you have any questions or you like to book this excursion, pls contact us.