Stone Town has so much nice things to offer for kids


Price on request, pls contact us.

A nice tour created by Busara Tours for kids to explore Stone Town in a different way.


Stone Town is a very nice city for kids to walk around. There is plenty to see and do. And we understand that children have different interest in subjects than parents. Also the tour wont be only listening for them, the children will be very active.

It is an unique tour through Stone Town where the children will practice many local rituals.

How do locals fish, you make some music, try to paint and making a local snack. Depending on the age of the kids the parents need to join the tour. But also they will learn a lot. Also it is nice to notice how much local people love kids.                                                                                         

Duration of the tour: 3.5 - 4 hour


Pls contact us to discuss how we can organise this trip in the best way for you and your children.