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An unique tour created by Busara Tours to discover the differences and the tolerance between the religions in Stone Town.


In the 19th century, Zanzibar became the capital of Oman. Many influences came over from the Arab region, just like from India and Europe. Stone Town developed as a multicultural city and this was also visible in the architect.


You will of course see many buildings with the Swahili style; houses that guarantee privacy but also Dakas to socialize and trade. A good example of this is Kiponda Hotel.

Palaces were built for the Sultans of Oman and you can also see the Omani Arabic style in the square houses with the barazaz outside.

Many Indians came to live in the city to trade. They stored these in shop-fronted houses recognizable by the large wooden doors that could easily be opened to sell the trade.


During this unique tour you will learn about the different architectural styles and the history behind them.   


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Learn more about the different religions of Stone Town