Learn more about the different senses you will notice walking through Stone Town                                                           

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An unique tour created by Busara Tours to explore the different senses the town will offer you. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Stone Town is a multicultural city and you don't just see that in the architecture. It is woven into everyday life and our senses notice this.

When you walk through the small streets you can hear the sounds of the city. Of course the call of prayer can be heard five times a day, but also the church bells and the bells of the Hindu temple. In addition, you hear salesmen calling to sell their wares.


You can smell different scents everywhere. Of course, the spice island lacks the different scents of spices. But the different trees also spread a nice scent. With small food stalls everywhere, the nose is also stimulated by the variety of food.


Wherever you walk, you will see beautiful wood-carved doors everywhere. The clothing of the Swahili people is also remarkable. Not only the influences from Swahili with the kangas, colourful cloths, but the men with their beautiful kofias. The Indian women also wear colourful saris.

There is plenty to see in Stone Town.


The sense of touch also comes into play. What about a special local scrub for the skin? The coconuts that are drunk on the street also feel special. And what about the local 'dishwashing brush'?


A unique tour where all the senses come into play.


Duration tour: approximately 1.5 - 2 hours

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