Learn more about the different religions of Stone Town


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An unique tour created by Busara Tours to discover the differences and the tolerance between the religions in Stone Town.


Stone Town is a mix of cultures, nationalities but also of faiths. This is due to the centuries-long trade connections that existed worldwide. People of different backgrounds and faiths gathered here, worked together, spent a lot of time together and respected each other. This created a great tolerance towards each other's background and religion. Even many mixed marriages took place. This tolerance is still there in Stone Town and makes the atmosphere unique. Where in the world do you see a mosque built almost next to a church? Where do you hear the call of Islamic prayer at the same time as the church bells and the bells of the Hindu temple?


Most people are Muslim and as a result Stone Town alone has 52 mosques. There are several divisions in this faith and most of them have their own mosque here with their own rules and customs.

During prayer time, there is no place where you cannot hear the Asan, the call to prayer. A sound that belongs to Stone Town.


But you can also hear the church bells here every day. There is a Catholic and a Protestant church here. The latter in particular has an interesting history because it was built on the site of the slave trade.


You can also hear the bells of the Hindu temple at the end of the afternoon. There are three different Hindu temples in the city and are frequently visited on a daily basis.


During this unique tour you will visit different mosques (from the outside), the most wanted Hindu temple and the churches.


Tour duration: approximately 2-2.5 hours

Dress code: For both men and women, shoulders and knees must be covered.

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