Learn more about the doors and art of

Stone Town



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An unique tour created by Busara Tours to learn the different doors in Stone Town and local art. 

                                                                                                                                                                  Stone Town is famous for its various wooden doors. Wherever you walk, every street has a beautiful door. Most are very old, but new ones are still being made. A real art because all carvings are made by hand.


There are different styles such as the Arabic, Indian and trade doors. Some are simple, others are real works of art. The richer the homeowner used to be, the more impressive the door. The door also tells a lot about the life of the owner.The guide will explain a lot about the different figures you can see on a door so that you can 'read' the doors yourself at the end of the tour.


Besides the doors, Stone Town also has a lot of other handicrafts. Such as the making of reed mats, the kawas (local food covers), the embroidery on the kofia (local Islamic hat) and of course the henna paintings on the hands, arms and feet of local women.


The guide will tell you about all these local aspects during this unique tour of Stone Town.


Duration tour: approximately 2 hours

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