Cooking class including visiting spice farm and local market


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A nice tailor-made trip by Busara Tours to get to know the local cuisine of Zanzibar.


With our local chef Lutfia you first explore the local market in Stone Town to buy a number of products. She will give you some explanations of vegetables, spices and fruits. Then you leave together with the local bus, the daladala. This will be real Zanzibar experience. Sitting between local people you will transfer to the spice garden where you will have a guided tour. Here you learn which herbs are often used as ingredients for local dishes as well as medicine. Nice to get to know the four different colors of pepper better, an herb that is used every day. And why do local women sometimes use nutmeg here?

You will also taste some different types of tea. Because this island has so much other things to offer. And what to think of tasteful fruit?


After that you leave to the house of Lutfia where the cooking class starts. This is already an nice opportunity to see a local house from inside. And then you start even cooking here! Together with her you prepare a delicious dish, incl vegetables and meat or fish. Of course the meal can also be vegetarian, what ever you prefer. In the mean time you get a lot of explanation on how people cook here. And how to use the local spices for which dish.

As a reward you can enjoy all the goodies yourself of course.

Afterwards you will return to Stone Town with the daladala and you will have learned a lot, and tasted, about the local cuisine.

If you do not want to travel by local transport, we can also arrange a taxi at an additional cost.

If you like to get any information, or book this excursion, pls contact us.