We like to inform our clients about the new rules for getting an entry Visa for Tanzania. Pls read this document carefully and if you have any question about this, pls let us know.

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This month Walt Disney re-released the movie Lion King 2. This beautiful animation movie will bring you in the mood for a real safari in East Africa. Do you know that the makers of the Lion King 1 got inspired of a rock in Hell's Gate National Park in Kenya. Thats how the 'Pride Rock' existed.

Just watch the film and get into the mood for a real safari.

From 1st of July it isn't allowed anymore to bring plastic carrier bags into the country of Kenya and Tanzania.

However, plastic of plastic packaging for medical services, industrial products, construction industry, foodstuff and sanitary and waste management are not prohibited.

Visitors to Kenya and Tanzania are advised to avoid carrying plastic carrier bags or packing carrier bags of items in plastic carrier bags in the suitcase or hand luggage before embarking on vist to these countries.

Plastic carrier items known as "ziploc bags" that are specifically used to carry toiletries will be permitted as they are expected to remai in the permanent possession of visitors and are not expected to be disposed in the country.

If you have any questions about this, pls let us know.

The bags you see on the photo are allowed to take with you and help you to protect and carrying your products inside your suitcase.